Mikaria Drake: So much more than Clothing

Mikaria Drake started out as a freelance commission business, helping clients bring to life their favorite or even original 2D characters. We created costumes for comicon, theatre, photo ops, anime cons and more. With over 15 years experience sewing and living the costuming life, we stand apart. We understand the need to honor the characters you love, to bring quality and craftsmanship and staying accurate. We understand walking the halls all day, getting dressed alone, or being in a coordinated group. However, we’re not just costumers. We’re designers, interested in patterning, textile design, drafting and designing. We know exactly what kind of fabric things would be if they were “real life” and we do our best to make our costumes as accurate but realistic as possible, all while doing our best to save you money on materials.

We also bring our knowledge to others! Through our Youtube channel I Know Sew, our Twitch channel or our website tutorials we try and help others understand the magic of sewing and costuming. We even travel to conventions and teach demos and classes for free! Message us for more details.

Our newest chapter includes new fashion designs! We have been preparing these for months and the ideas have been swirling in our heads for years! We will be releasing new bespoke designs after the new year. Unique pieces available in sizes XS to 4XL. These new designs will be a new branch of business to help us flex our creative muscles and provide new items during the pandemic while all events are cancelled. Please continue to check back for details or follow us on Facebook.